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ES Vacs

ES Vacs provides high-performance residential and commercial cleaning solutions that are easy to use and deliver superior results.

We have a stable of brands that represent the best in different facets of cleaning products & solutions. We have been in South Amboy NJ for over 30 years, and in that time we have built up a strong following of clients in the New Jersey and New York area.

Our goals are simple: we make frustration with cleaning products - a relic from a clumsier past. Let us show you how simple and effective cleaning can be. We are ES Vacs.

  • Immaculate Home™
  • Centralized Cleaning™
  • Retractable Hose System
  • Kitchen & Bathroom
  • Garage - Shop Solutions
  • Laundry Jet

Immaculate Home™ is a suite of products that together, keep your home clean, closets organized and the air pure.

Cleaning solutions have evolved with new products that are changing the industry. Immaculate Home™ is a suite of cleaning products that elevate the category from the mediocre, clumsy do-all based products to exceptional, purpose built products. We feature leading edge cleaning products that are within reach, easy to use and allow you to keep your beautiful home - immaculate.

Immaculate Home is a home that's immaculate and is equipped to stay that way.

So often, spills, messes and dirt are put off until later or cleaning day because its a major production to get out the vacuum cleaner and clean it up. Immaculate Home™ changes that.

The new product line of innovative cleaning products from VACUFLO® elevate the cleaning category from the mediocre, clumsy do-all based products - to exceptional, purpose built products that offer superior performance, storage and ease-of-use to keep your home sparkling clean.

Our innovative cleaning products fully retract into the walls, eliminating the long hose storage clutter and complexity of traditional central vacuum systems. You can clean quickly and efficiently and keep your house clean and your closets organized.

Traditional portable vacuums exhaust the dirty air and contaminants back into the home. Immaculate Home™ removes 100% of the vacuumed dirt, dust and allergens inside - by ejecting them - outside. Immaculate Home™ cleans your home with no recirculation of dirt, dust and contaminants back into the living area. The result is a home that's clean and air that's pure.

Most of us take the quality of the air inside our homes for granted. We assume it’s safe, clean and breathable. But the fact is, indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air. And with most of us spending 90% of our time indoors, poor indoor air quality can affect health, safety and comfort, especially in children and the elderly. So what is the best way to ensure a clean living environment?

For the health-conscious consumer, a VACUFLO® Central Vacuum is the answer. It removes 100% of vacuumed dirt and dust from the living area, improving indoor air quality and reducing allergens in the process. And VACUFLO® is the green choice as well. While portables are often discarded after only a few years, your VACUFLO® will provide worry-free cleaning for decades. Our Warranty ensures it. For a cleaner, healthier, greener home, think VACUFLO®.

Retractable Hose Systems solutions have evolved with new products that are changing the industry. VACUFLO® Chameleon RHS and Hide-A-Hose are retractable hose systems for VACUFLO® central vacuums. Instead of having to carry a bulky hose from inlet to inlet valve in your house, the central vacuum hose is stored inside the in-wall tubing! You simply have to Pull. Vacuum. Retract.
Pull. Open the inlet valve, pull out the length of hose you need.
Vacuum. Connect the handle and your cleaning tool. You can turn the system on with the on/off switch at the valve or the hose handle (optional).
Retract. When you are finished, simply remove the handle and tools, unlock the hose lock and cover the end of the hose with your hand. The suction of your VACUFLO® central vacuum system will retract the hose back into the valve. When the hose is retracted just flip the door closed.

Wally Flex™ is engineered to be lightweight, easy to handle, and within reach. Perfect for the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

The Wally Flex™ butler system mounts on any wall in your home, providing an innovative auxiliary hose for any central vacuum system. This makes WallyFlex an essential tool for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or places where a quick at-hand cleaning solution is desirable.

Vroom Retract Vac™ was specifically engineered for use in the Garage or Workshop where access, powerful suction and a long reach is essential.

Vroom is ideal for quickly cleaning small spaces and dry messes in high traffic areas of your home, such as kitchens, bathrooms and the garage. Its instant accessibility makes it a great addition to your more-thorough weekly cleaning regimen.

Laundry Jet uses airflow to transport your dirty and clean laundry from anywhere in your house to your laundry room or from your laundry room back to the bedroom or closet.

Laundry Jet is truly the first modern, on demand whole home vacuum laundry delivery system. Laundry Jet is not restricted by location and works with both single story and multi story homes, or commercial premises, using our efficient patented vacuum system to transport dirty clothing to the laundry -or- cleaned laundry back to any room.

Why Choose Us

There are many options for people today... Why buy from us? For many reasons, and they all add up to earning your confidence and achieving your satisfaction.

Over 30 years experience
We are a locally owned and operated company. We've been located in South Amboy, NJ for over 30 years and we take pride in being good community members and taking excellent care of our customers by standing behind behind everything we sell. If you're not satisfied - let us know and together we'll find a solution that works for you.
Quality Products and Installation
Our team of consultants and technicians have decades of experience within the consumer electronics custom installation industry. We closely monitor every aspect of consultation, design, cabling, installation, and coordination.
We give all our installations a total end-to-end one-year warranty. We stand behind everything we sell, install and will support that installation, now and five years from now, to achieve the most important specification - your satisfaction.

Our Beliefs

"The new VACUFLO® cleaning products have changed peoples perceptions of central cleaning systems. Their products are just light-years ahead of anyone else in the market. You've got to try it out - you'll be as amazed as we were."

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William F. Lamonica

President, ES Vacs

"Clean Wise cleaning solutions for commercial indoor applications like automotive or pet boarding are a great answer for a demanding environment."

Clean-Wise commercial cleaning solutions
William F. Lamonica

President, ES Vacs

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